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Our Mission

Team Work  

The team at Brown & Bakondi CPA Group  has built a successful CPA firm by delivering  personalized professional services in a timely and cost effective manner.  Each member of the client service team is closely  involved in our service to you. This is especially  true of the principals, who actively supervise and  coordinate all work not personally performed by  them. Our team approach assures you of  consistent quality and personal attention.  

By offering a broad range of services, we are  alert to the many aspects of your opportunities.  Our experience and innovative insight assure you  solutions. You can look to us to fulfill all of your  professional accounting, Tax and business needs. 

A Record of Excellence  

Excellence is monitored by our profession  through the AICPA Quality Review Program. The  result of our recent review was an unqualified  report – the highest mark attainable.


Open communication is a vital factor in our client  relationships. We strive to ensure every contact  you have with our firm is both productive and  pleasant.  

Professional Service  

Our talented team and advanced systems are  important resources for our clients. But the  experience, knowledge, dedication, creativity,  and insight of our principals are what make Brown & Bakondi CPA Group an  exceptional firm. You can count on that edge to  help you and your business grow and succeed. 

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